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Journey and Memories

A Magical Journey Through Rauma, Finland

“Rauma? Why are you going there?” Again and again, Finns asked me this question.
Rauma is a nice place, surely, but would you go out of your way to go there?

“Two World Heritage Sites,” I’d reply with a smile. Rauma’s old town is famous for being the largest wooden old town in the Nordic countries and one of the most immaculately preserved wooden old towns in Europe.

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The National Park of Slovenský raj situated in the eastern part of Slovakia contains one of the biggest ice caves in Europe and an attractive landscape of karstic plateaux, gorges, waterfalls and caves.

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How do you respond to “arigatou” in Japanese? With a simple dou itashimashite, or “you’re welcome” in Japanese!

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The most beautiful places you should see in Slovakia

With a very laidback feel to it, Levoca is the perfect place to visit if you’re after a quiet getaway. When in town, a peaceful stroll up to the Church of Marianska Hora is a must for the fantastic views and its important spiritual significance.

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Do you want to say “hello” in Japanese?

Now, 挨拶 (aisatsu) means “greeting” in Japanese.
And you’ll need to know your Japanese greetings if you want to start a conversation in Japanese! Greetings are some of the most simple phrases to learn, and you’ll say them all the time.

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“Nani?!” Japanese anime can actually help you learn Japanese?!

today, we’ll dive into some common anime phrases you’ll hear in almost every show you watch. See how many you can pick out next time you turn on Netflix or Crunchyroll!

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